Who We Are

Our Concept

Ever came across this equation; GDP = C + I + G + (X – M)?

Well, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is one of the main indicators used to measure a country’s economic performance. It is the sum of consumption (C), investment (I), government spending (G) and net exports (X – M). Having briefly introduced this economic measure, it may be clear now what inspired us to give our business its name. With the letter (X) standing for exports and (M) standing for imports, X Egypt simply stands for exports (X) of Egypt.

We couldn’t find a better inspiration to fuel our daily business activities than this very equation. It serves to reflect the concept of our business; that is, contributing to the increase of Egyptian exports, specifically agricultural products. With this aim in mind, we specialize in exporting fresh, frozen and processed produce to every geographical location possible.

Our Vision

Driven by a firm belief that the land of Egypt

offers a special produce that combines both world–class quality and unparalleled taste, our vision is to see such produce on every possible market shelf around the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to source the produce of the best lands,

integrate the best of what human capital can provide, direct every capital possible and employ every technology that would fulfill our vision.

Our Delivery



Complying to order specifications set out in the Request for Quotation – RFQ
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Providing world–class product quality that matches our clients' standing


Assisting our clients throughout the documentation process


Employing the shipping mode most convenient to our clients' business


Providing our clients with full–time support before and after order fulfillment

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